How it works

We deliver hamper-style subscription boxes to your older loved ones, personalised with photos and letters
Not sure they'll love it? We also make it easy to cancel. Simply email [email protected]
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Select the size of hamper you'd like to send, and subscribe. Remember - you can cancel at any time, but we hope you won't want to!



Upload your photographs and write a personal letter. Don't worry; if you forget, we'll send a little something from us to make their Grandies delivery extra special

We do the rest


Each month, we will send a Grandies hamper to your older loved ones. We promise to never send 'tat'!

Who is a Grandies hamper for?

At Grandies, we're on a mission to spread a little love and connection to older loved ones around the UK. A Grandies subscription is the perfect gift for:

  • Parents
  • Grandparents
  • Other loved ones
  • Friends
  • Godparents
  • Special neighbours

Our hampers

Our deliveries are specially packed with Grandies in mind. We select only the very best items and every hamper is beautifully hand-packed in eco-friendly materials.
Prefer a one off  rather than a subscription? Simply say so in your order notes and we'll cancel for you, zero hassle!

A typical Grandies hamper might include:


A selection of photographs
A personal letter from you
Delicious treats
Healthy snacks
Beauty or personal care items
A seasonal activity item

We choose 'consumable' items that Grandies can really enjoy while reading your letter and looking at your photos. A hug in a hamper!